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How to Get Rid of Pests?

More often than not, getting pests out of your attic and home appears to be a never-ending battle. Although you can to get rid of the infestation, often time’s pests find their way back to the attic, which they made their cozy home.

Fortunately, attic pest removal does not always have to be an ongoing episode. Understanding the type of rodent and its entry points is all that is required to keep the nasty creatures away permanently.

Here is a quick guide to keeping your property pest free:

  • Identify the Pest: Mice, rats, raccoons, chipmunks, squirrels, bats; the list of pests that may silently invade your property may be endless! The easiest and the foolproof method to keep your property clear of pests is to identify the type of invader. Differentiating the culprit from the crowd can be done through visible signs of habitation, sounds and the size and sight of droppings.
  • Pest Removal: Once the type of pest is known, the most appropriate methods to eradicate their presence can be adopted. Using baits, deterrent sprays,and organic pest control methods or laying out traps; the best method as per need and budget can be picked after a comprehensive assessment.
  • Seal Entry Points: After all the hard work, you’ll obviously won’t want the pests to revisit. It is thus important to seal off all the entry points. Any, cracks should be closed and sealed.

At Quartz Solutions, we are the best in the region to take up the job. Armed with the right equipment, staffed with certified professionals and hands-on knowledge to tackle the trouble; we eradicate the menace completely. Call us at 201-205-2042, 973-536-1013 to learn more about our pest control methods and the ways in which we can help you.

Crawl Space Infestation – Important Signs to Look For

Crawl spaces are the hidden zones of the property, located below the living space. They are uncomfortable to enter or move around in, and are rarely visited. But despite all that, they hold important value in maintaining the structure and overall strength of the property.In addition to being the entry point to the foundation area; the crawl space encompasses the plumbing, ducting and insulation framework of the property. The vapor barriers provide water proofing to the basement and upwards. Any infestation in the area translates into structural damage and potential health issues for the property and its dwellers.Thus, it is important to watch out for warning signs in the crawl space and take timely action to minimize damages and loss.

Signs to Look For

Damage due to water:

A worn out vapor barrier, plumbing leaks or cracked ducts, any damage in the crawl space will allow moisture and water to seep through, making it damp and moist. A humid crawl space provides ideal conditions for fungi, mold and mildew to breed.

  • These infestations rot the wooden framework and make it soft and soggy.
  • A rotten structure will appear discolored and faded in comparison to the structure that is intact and strong.
  • An infested crawlspace is likely to emit musty odors.
  • Iron and steel posts, frames, vents and other metallic equipment will develop a rusty layer or even signs of decay.

Damage due to rodents:

Cracks in the crawl space will allow rodents like squirrels and rats to set in. White ants and termites too are likely to follow. These infestations are equally responsible for structural destruction and can cause allergies.

  • Listen in for squeaking sounds, which will indicate the presence of rodents.
  • Look for droppings or a pungent smell of urine.
  • Increased coughing and sneezing among the elders and infants or those allergic can also suggest the presence of pests.
  • An infestation by white ants or termites will damage the wooden structure and create visible marks.

If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, seek professional help immediately. While it is important to control the damage, taking corrective steps to eliminate the source of infestation is of paramount importance. Get in touch with Quartz Solutions at 201-205-2042, 973-536-1013 for superior crawl space related solutions.

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier – Your Family’s Health Starts with Proper Air Quality

Crawl spaces are essentially areas of restricted space under floors or roofs, where standing is difficult or impossible (due to the size of the space) that are difficult to stand in; hence the name. They are primarily meant to cater to the plumbing and wiring needs of the building. However, in several units, this area acts as a mini storage zone as well. Crawl space vapor barriers help maintain the air quality in the space, promote a healthier living area.

In most cases, crawl spaces are often left unattended. Moisture can seep into your crawl space and from there, reach your living space. If left un-managed, health hazards can arise, which can put your family in danger.

Proper installation of crawl space vapor barriers is crucial. These vapor barriers are sheets of dense material that is water resistant and therefore, keep the moisture from seeping into the crawl space. As a result the air quality of the crawl space improves and stays fresh for years to come.

Here are few of the many benefits of installing crawl space vapor barrier in your home and office

  • A vapor barrier prevents moisture build-up in the crawl space and also reduces condensation. As a result, improved air goes up into the home.
  • It prevents mold and mildew build-up, keeping the family free from allergies, respiratory ailments and disease.
  • It keeps the floor of the house from absorbing any moisture from the crawl space. As a result there is significant reduction in the chances of sub floor rotting or wood damage in the future.
  • Less moisture also keeps rodents and insects at bay. As a result the structure stays pest free.
  • A moisture-laden space also produces foul odors. With vapor barriers in place,one can ensure that there is no foul smells in the space.
  • If properly installed, the crawl space vapor barrier keeps the pipes from freezing and breaking during the winters; while allowing the air circulating in the crawl space during summers to stay cool and allergens free. Therefore, it is something that lends benefits all year round.

It is therefore very important to get the crawl space vapor barrier installed by an experienced service provider. Quartz Solutions is the undisputed leader in the field. With years of experience and hands on knowledge, our skilled technicians carry out a thorough inspection of the area before offering a cost efficient solution. Call us at 201-205-2042 to know more about the ways in which we can help you. Our inspection is free of charge.

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Guide

Crawl spaces are most vulnerable to excessive moisture. The moisture that invariably seeps in through the soil, together with condensation around pipes and ducts, spurs foul smells, expedite wood decay and it promotes buildup of mold, fungus and mildew.

To avoid unnecessary damage, it is crucial to have a preventative crawl space moisture barrier installed.

How Do Crawl Space Moisture Barriers Work?

A crawl space moisture barrier, also known as a crawl space vapor barrier, is fixed at the base of the property. It is a type of protective coat, which prevents water from moving up from the soil into the walls of the property.This barrier not only helps prevent moisture from penetrating the crawl space, but also helps in draining it back into the soil. Thus, when no water is trapped, the crawl space remains dry.

Types of Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

There are two broad types of Crawl Space Moisture Barriers available in the market – Concrete and Plastic Liners. The decision to choose from amongst the two, depends upon the location of the building and the surface of the crawl space. Undoubtedly, the right type of crawl space vapor barrier saves you time, money and helps boost the health of your family and property.

Concrete Crawl Space Vapor Barrier – Pumping concrete into a crawl space comes across as the most logical solution to keeping away moisture.Concrete not only bestows a nice finished look but also levels the crawl surface equally. This levelled ground provides convenient storage space. Although thick concrete layers are more durable, they still require constant upkeep.

Plastic Liners Crawl Space Vapor Barrier – These vapor barriers consist of a thick layer of plastic sheet (polyethylene liner or membrane). The layer is placed over the earthen soil of the crawl space.Using strong adhesive duct tape and weighted down with a line of soil, these stretched sheets are then attached to the inside edges of the foundation walls; sealing off the base of the building from moisture and water.

The proper installation of the crawl space vapor barrier will not only protect your unit from moisture and infestations, but it will also help you save money in the long run.

For professional and uncompromised installation or advice call 201-205-2042, 973-536-1013 now!

The Importance of a Clean Attic

There’s no doubt that attics and crawl spaces are two of the most important areas of the house. They hold the premises’ insulation system, the wiring, plumbing, and much more.

Having said that, these highly technical areas tend to go unnoticed until something goes wrong. Because we almost never enter these spaces, rodents, pests and other animals can easily make them their homes. These animals can cause damage to the infrastructure, and can also pose a health hazard for your family.

Here’s a comprehensive list of reasons to inspect your attic and crawl space, to insure they are tidy and clean:

  • Thanks to our human nature, we tend to hoard things, even if we no longer have use in them. As a result boxes, cartons and other stuff accumulate in the attic. Periodic cleaning thus helps us to organize things – use, throw or save – whatever works best!
  • Unattended and un-kept attic spaces are ideal breeding spots for rodents, pests and other infestations. These innocuous looking creatures don’t just infect and decontaminate the area, but also nibble on insulation, wires, vents and more. The loss translates into ill-health, reduced energy efficiency and losing out on valuable belongings.
  • Cracked and damaged roofs can pave way for water and moisture to seep through. Mold, mildew and fungus grow and spread throughout the living space. Moisture damages wood and causes structural damage that requires costly repairs.
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and insulation system are stored in the attic. A series of well laid vents and ducts cross through the entire premises keeping it hot or cold depending upon the external temperatures. Regular inspection and maintenance help keep it effective, which cuts down on the property’s energy bills.

Normal vacuuming and periodical dusting of the attic should be a routine task. If done correctly, it can help keep your attic rodent free longer. In any case, a yearly inspection by a professional who knows where and what to look for is advised.

At Quartz Solutions we offer services that help create hygienic and efficient spaces. For any kind of attic cleaning advice call us at 201-205-2042 for professional advice and a complimentary inspection..

Checklist for Energy Efficient Home – Are you on track?

Your home is your castle! You spend more than half your life in your home. Therefore, it only makes sense to want to maintain and protect it from potential hazards

Clean and well-kept interiors help you achieve a comfortable home, and below are 5 important tips to help you increase your property’s energy efficiency too

  1. Proper Insulation: Checking your insulation periodically is key to energy efficient home. Selecting the right product, quantity, and the method of installing the insulation are crucial to the final efficiency levels.
  2. Seal off Windows: Properly sealing off the windows is one of the best ways to minimize air leakage. Since windows act as the major source of heat gain and heat loss in the house, revamping the window frames and putting up multiple panes with tinted glasses can help prevent leaking of conditioned air, thus, cut down on the family’s utility bills.
  3. Check Your Radiant Barrier: While attic and crawl insulation traps the conditioned air inside the dwelling unit, installing a reflective insulation, also called a radiant barrier, prevents both heat and cold conditioned air to seep through the exteriors. The radiant barrier acts as a reflector, keeping the house and living spaces comfortable while lessening dependency on the home’s HVAC System.
  4. Clean and Maintain HVAC Ducts: A well HVAC system, can provide you more than peace of mind. It can save you money by increasing your home’s energy efficiency. How? Air ducts help transfer conditioned air throughout the house, and when left unattended, damages and cracks (due to pests, clogging, etc.)can occur. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the air ducts thus ensure optimum functionality, as well as, energy efficiency.
  5. Purchase Energy Efficient Appliances and Lighting: It is highly recommended to buy appliances that rate high on the energy star rating. Though some of them might be more expensive than others, it is an investment worth making that will benefit you and your family in the future. Furthermore, using CFL, LED lights and replacing outdated appliances with energy efficient variants adds to the savings

Do you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency? Call the experts at 201-205-2042. At Quartz Solutions, we provide solutions that work!

Summer is Coming, is your Attic and Crawl Space Ready?

Summer is around the corner! And now that the long winter is behind us, it’s time to pull up your sleeves and start your attic and crawl space cleaning. After all, a clean and well-kept attic and crawl space is key for hygienic and comfortable living space. Moreover, preparing your attic for the summer will help you save money on your utility bills!

Here’s a quick ‘to-do’ list that can help you make your home ‘Summer Ready’:

  • Inspection :
    A thorough inspection of the attic and crawl space will identify potential threats (pests, damaged ducts, broken cables, etc.) and you’ll be able to make the necessary amends before damages occur. While it can be DIY task, by hiring an expert for the job, you ensure that all crucial and sensitive areas of the attic and crawl space are properly inspected.
  • Cleaning :
    Without too much effort, the attic becomes a dumping ground for things that we don’t have immediate use for. It’s time to get them sorted!But beware, while removing garbage and debris you might stumble upon infestations, animals remains or even damage your ceiling by stepping in the wrong place. This is why choosing a professional contractor is so important. An expert will get rid of the tiny intruders but also decontaminate and sanitize the area to make it contaminants free.And if you are thinking of getting the vents and ducts cleaned, they can do that too.
  • Pest and Animal Control:
    Pests and rodents in the attic and crawl space wreck havoc. Potential treats include damages to structural elements, upholstery/furnishings and the spread of infections. To insure that your home is safe and rodent/animal free, you should schedule a through inspection of your attic and crawl space.
  • Improvements and Upgrades:
    Improving the area will increase the overall comfort inside the property. Proper insulation will help regulate temperatures and make the living spaces more energy efficient. Properly insulated homes can help you save 20-30 percent on your utility bills!

Need an advice? Call us at 201-205-2042, 973-536-1013 and make your home effective, efficient and hygienic – for years to come!

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