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How to Prevent Damage Caused by Rodents?

Rodents tend to chew on everything that they have access too. Therefore, if you find signs of rodent infestation in your attic or crawl space, you must act quickly in order to prevent damages to walls, floors, roofing and more. Signs for rodent infestation include, feces around the infested area, but also near places where food is usually stored.

Rodents such as mice can make holes and enter walls. Rats and mice are not fussy eaters and can be very destructive. They get comfortable and start causing serious damage to parts of the house and attic. They contaminate food. Apart from spreading unpleasant odors, and can cause health problems.

Most of the damage is done at night when we are away and the lights are off. Here are different ways to prevent the damage caused by rodents.

  • Keep all food items in sealed containers
  • Throw away food items if you suspect it may have had contact with rodents
  • If you suspect that your house is infested with rodents, wash cookware and cutlery in warm water with soap before use
  • Do not come in contact with areas where rodents could have been active
  • Always wear closed shoes

Rodents can be trapped. However, it is important to identify the type of rodent and use a proper trap. Use several traps at once. But, set the traps away from food preparation areas. Place peanuts, peanut butter, bread or fresh fruits inside the trap. Keep a regular check on the trap and clear it if any rodent is caught. Clean the surface with a disinfectant to sanitize any potential parasites.

Do not forget to wash your hands with warm water and soap when you finish the job.

At Quartz Solutions, we are the experts at eradicating rodents. Call us today at 201-205-2042 OR 973-536-1013 to schedule your free inspection and get a comprehensive analysis.

Simple Tips to Rodent Proof Your Home

If you started to notice noises, droppings or even the remains of some unwanted guests (rodents/pests), act quickly or else these innocent looking creatures will not only nibble on your property’s interiors and upholstery, but they can also mess around with air ducts, insulation and vents. Rodents’ mischievous behavior can bring down the comfort levels in your property, as insulation damages lead to inability to effectively manage the temperature indoors. Not to mention, the potential health hazard that these rodents pose.

For those reasons, a regular inspection of the area, taking note of the visible signs of habitation and identifying potential threats is extremely important. The first step is to accurately identify the types of pests who invaded your home, in order to know which method is best to get rid of them:

  • Using traps (either sticky or snap).
  • Using baits to catch rodents and setting them off in the open areas.
  • Using deterrent sprays to keep rodents away.
  • Adopting Organic Pest Control methods.

While every method has its own pros and cons, it is better to seek professional advice. Furthermore, physical contact with the rodents or their remains and droppings may spread a range of infections, so you want an experienced and thorough professional to carry out the work.

At Quartz Solutions, we are fully equipped to take up the job. Our certified crew is trained to eradicate the menace completely.

Once the area is free of rodent infestation, our team will take suitable measures to ensure that the rodents don’t strike again.

Checking entry points and sealing them off completely, repairing chips and cracks, installing pest repellant lighting, odors and equipment – every small step helps keep the menace away.

If you suspect that rodents took over your home, call us today at 201-205-2042, 973-536-1013 and we’ll be on our way.

Rats and Squirrels – Small Critters, Big Threats

Rats, bats, squirrels and raccoons may come across as harmless when found in their natural habitat (nature). However, once these creatures make their way into your attic or crawl space, they have the potency to wreck havoc and contaminate the place. This could make family members more prone to infections or disease, and therefore, it is crucial to regularly inspect these vulnerable areas of the property.

The attic/crawl space attracts animals because it provides the ideal conditions for them (dampness and darkness). The consequences of having these animals around can result with costly repairs in order to rectify the damage these creatures can leave behind. When rats, squirrels, raccoons, etc., start to move around in these confined spaces, they tear through wiring, insulation, air ducts and other structural elements, and that is the nightmare of any homeowner.

Once these animals take over the attic or crawl space, they are likely to:

  • Eat into cables and insulation. The damage could raise utility bills and also lead to ineffective temperature control. Severe damage can also lead to short-circuits, electric shocks and even fire.
  • Chew off any stored items and ruin them forever.
  • Leave behind a filthy clutter and an unhygienic mess. Feces and urine can leave distinct odors, not to mention, be the source of allergens and infections.
  • Explore other parts of the property, scavenging for food and scaring family members.

For inexperienced individuals, it is not recommended to try and get rid of these invaders alone. There are serious risks when approaching wild animals, as they may attack or carry diseases. Therefore, it is best to call a professional for this type of task.

Sometimes, depending on the type of animal, the following methods can help solve the problem:

  • Using baits to capture pests/animals in a humane way and remove them from the property.
  • Organic pest control – utilize animals that prey on these type of pests to get rid of them. Needless to say, that only an expert should perform this task. This is a technique that should comply with state and county rules and regulations.

Once the presence of pests and critters is completely eradicated, it is recommended that a through damage control, and preventive measures are taken to ensure they’ll stay away: Sealing-off entry points, using pest repelling scents or lighting and other types of deterring equipment. These steps can make a big difference.

Quartz Solutions has extensive experience in removing rats, squirrels, raccoons and other animals from attics and crawl spaces. Our certified professionals can help rid your premises from any type of invasion. Call us today 201-205-2042, 973-536-1013 and we’ll gladly answer any questions, and even schedule a free attic and crawl inspection.

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