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How to Avoid Mistakes When Installing New Insulation

Insulation is beneficial in many ways. It helps stabilize temperatures and by that, making the living space more comfortable. Furthermore, if the space is properly insulated, it is bound to consume less energy and cut down the monthly utility bills. However, while we expect our home’s insulation to do the job, we often fail to get the desired results.The obvious reason has everything to do with the quality of the initial installation.

Here is a quick checklist to follow during the installation process

  • Select the right insulation and the required volume: Insulation material will depend on the area and shape of your attic. While closed cell foam board and spray insulation work best for crawl spaces, batt and fibreglass insulation are apt for attic areas. Besides the type of insulation, the quantity of insulation to be used is also of paramount importance. Areas that are not thoroughly insulated fail to deliver the desired results.
  • Do not remove old insulation: Unless of course your old insulation is inundated with mold and fungus, there is no reason to remove it and start from scratch. The best solution is to add layers of fresh insulation over the top of your old insulation. This will not only enhance the efficiency, but also help save money.
  • Ensure no gaps: It is important that the insulation sticks to the walls as gaps between the wall sand the insulation makes it ineffective. Filling gaps that cannot be filled with Batt insulation,with foam or blowing in loose fill can prove helpful.
  • Insulate attic doors and windows: Attic doors and windows are often left un-insulated. These outlets allow conditioned air to escape.Placing insulation against the attic door and windows and other outlets and adding weather strips around the edges can help control the escape.
  • Beware of heat points: While it is important to insulate all gaps and holes, never place insulation near water heaters, oil burners and furnaces. Insulation materials are highly flammable and can be a major fire hazard.

Although insulation may appear to be a DIY task, seeking professional help is proven to be beneficial and efficient. At Quartz Solutions, we are experts in the field. Call us at 201-205-2042 973-536-1013 to find out more about our insulation services.

Crawl Space Infestation – Important Signs to Look For

Crawl spaces are the hidden zones of the property, located below the living space. They are uncomfortable to enter or move around in, and are rarely visited. But despite all that, they hold important value in maintaining the structure and overall strength of the property.In addition to being the entry point to the foundation area; the crawl space encompasses the plumbing, ducting and insulation framework of the property. The vapor barriers provide water proofing to the basement and upwards. Any infestation in the area translates into structural damage and potential health issues for the property and its dwellers.Thus, it is important to watch out for warning signs in the crawl space and take timely action to minimize damages and loss.

Signs to Look For

Damage due to water:

A worn out vapor barrier, plumbing leaks or cracked ducts, any damage in the crawl space will allow moisture and water to seep through, making it damp and moist. A humid crawl space provides ideal conditions for fungi, mold and mildew to breed.

  • These infestations rot the wooden framework and make it soft and soggy.
  • A rotten structure will appear discolored and faded in comparison to the structure that is intact and strong.
  • An infested crawlspace is likely to emit musty odors.
  • Iron and steel posts, frames, vents and other metallic equipment will develop a rusty layer or even signs of decay.

Damage due to rodents:

Cracks in the crawl space will allow rodents like squirrels and rats to set in. White ants and termites too are likely to follow. These infestations are equally responsible for structural destruction and can cause allergies.

  • Listen in for squeaking sounds, which will indicate the presence of rodents.
  • Look for droppings or a pungent smell of urine.
  • Increased coughing and sneezing among the elders and infants or those allergic can also suggest the presence of pests.
  • An infestation by white ants or termites will damage the wooden structure and create visible marks.

If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, seek professional help immediately. While it is important to control the damage, taking corrective steps to eliminate the source of infestation is of paramount importance. Get in touch with Quartz Solutions at 201-205-2042, 973-536-1013 for superior crawl space related solutions.

5 Benefits that Crawl Space Cleaning Can Offer

A crawl space is a designated area in the house, where access usually requires crawling or crunching, as the space is confined and meant to house the premises’ boiler system, plumbing, wiring, the HVAC system, air ducts and vents, as well as, offer extra room for useful storage.

Since this is an area that doesn’t get much attention on a day-to-day basis, it is important to understand the importance of keeping it clean and well maintained. Mold, mildew, moisture, and termite attacks can cause extensive damage to the crawl space. These hazards can gradually affect the air quality inside your home, and put the health of your family and loved ones at risk.

Here are 5 reasons to keep your crawl spaces clean and well maintained:

  • Keep Pests Out– Termites, red ants and rodents are known to spell havoc. The damp and dull crawl space provides ideal conditions for infestations to breed and grow. Regular cleaning can prevent such scenario from happening.
  • Moisture Control–Crawl spaces invariably attract water from the soil and earth beneath, making them humid and damp. A thorough and regular cleaning will eliminate moisture build-up thus controlling the associated problems.
  • Increases Structural Strength –Dampness, moisture accumulation and pests are known to impair the structural strength of the entity. Clean and well kept crawl spaces cut the risk of dry rot, mold and mildew to a great extent.
  • Provides Storage Space –Neat and well-kept spaces enhances the area’s usability. It provides the all important storage space for stacking boxes and infrequently used items.
  • Save Money– Cleaner crawl spaces help regulate the temperature within the house, reducing the usage of HVAC system. Moreover, clean spaces translate to lower incidence of blocked vents and ducts, thus the HVAC system operates at maximum efficiency.

Clean and well-kept crawl spaces undoubtedly add value to your home. For professional and un compromised solutions for all your crawl space related needs, call us at 201-205-2042, 973-536-1013 now! At Quartz Solutions we have to experience and expertise to help you create hygienic and efficient crawl spaces.

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