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Benefits of Air-Duct Cleaning

HVAC systems are no longer considered to be luxury, but a must-have device in every home. Due to HVAC systems’ popularity and diminishing cost, we can find them in almost every home in America today. Also, in order to keep comfortable and proficient living/work environment, installation of the system has become a necessity for every home and office space. The systems’ heating and cooling units help condition the air making the interiors comfortable.Alongside the main equipment come the numerous vents and ducts that pass through the entire unit, enabling a constant and undisrupted flow of conditioned air throughout the premises.

And like every other aspect in the house, these ducts and vents also attract dust and dirt. With air passing through these ducts 24/7, imagine the quality of air you would be inhaling if you’ve been postponing the cleaning task.

Here are few explicit benefits you’ll derive from regular air duct cleaning:

  • Improved Air Quality: Your HVAC system takes in and throws out the same air. No exchange of air takes place with the fresh atmospheric air. A regular cleaning of the air ducts and vents thus help clear any contaminants and infections from the air, improving its quality.
  • Improved Air Flow :Regular cleaning removes the accumulation of debris in the ducts. With fewer obstructions in line, the amount of air flow is bound to increase.
  • Energy and Cost Savings :Dust, dirt and contaminants in the ducts and vents cause the heating and cooling system to work harder to attain and maintain stable and comfortable temperatures. Regular cleaning removes obstructions; improving workflow and help you save energy and utility costs.
  • Enhanced Lifespan of HVAC System: 90% of the system failures are caused due to accumulation of dust and debris in the air ducts. Regular cleaning of the ducts will cut down on intensive working of the machinery, enhancing its lifespan by years at stretch.
  • Health Benefits: Regular and comprehensive air duct cleaning will remove impurities such as bacteria, fungus, mold spores, pet dander and pollen from the air. Cutting down on these contaminants can help alleviate respiratory ailments and allergies.

If you too are looking for help and assistance to clear off your air ducts and vents, give us a call at 201-205-2042, 973-536-1013. We, at Quartz Solutions, possess the latest air duct cleaning equipment that will help you enjoy comfortable, more efficient interiors.

4 Reasons to Fix Those Air Ducts

Thanks to the HVAC system, we can go to sleep and wake up each day to perfectly controlled temperatures. The Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system, helps regulate the indoor temperatures, making the interiors comfortable at all times.

Therefore, whether it’s chilly winters or blistering summers, HVAC systems ensure that the extreme temperatures outside won’t affect the overall comfort inside.But having said that, this type of technology has its faults too. The HVAC system circulates conditioned air, so if there are any contaminates in the air, the HVAC system will keep circulating the ‘Bad Air’across your living space.

So, do we stop using the HVAC system?! No. Not really! But regularly cleaning, repairing and maintaining the system and ducts can help reduce potential problems, as well as, health hazards and improve overall air quality in the property. Here are the top four reasons why air ducts should be inspected and serviced regularly

  • Improves Air Quality – Mold, mildew, fungus, and bacteria – a range of allergens breed in the dark and damp air ducts. Cleaned air ducts will keep infections away, while, improve the air quality manifold. Needless to say, improved air quality is healthier for your family.
  • Improves Air Circulation – Damaged air ducts and accumulation of dust reduces the amount of air circulated within the HVAC system. Regular cleaning and occasional changing of the furnace filters can help you avoid any damage.
  • Cuts Energy Costs–A new HVAC system will undoubtedly operate at its peak performance.Likewise, a well maintained system will keep away all impairs and blockages to deliver ideal results. Optimal performance certainly shows up in reduced utility bills.
  • Enhances the life of the equipment–All types of equipment undergo depreciation over the years. A fully revamped and well maintained system not just enhances the life of the equipment, but will also ensure that you get the best results – both in terms of performance and savings.

Cleaning the property’s air ducts will go a long way in providing a healthy environment. At Quartz Solutions, we are certified air duct cleaning professionals. Call us at 973-536-1013 for more information about air duct cleaning and our FREE consultation.

Attic Radiant Barrier – It’s All About the Installation

Attic Radiant Barriers are installed in buildings, primarily homes and offices, in orderto bring down the heat gain during summers. Proper radiant barrier installation is key in bringing down the overall utility costs of the building. Attic Radiant Barriers are found to be most effective in areas where temperatures tend to go to extremes. Attic Radiant Barriers help increase the effectiveness of your air conditioningunit, by bringing down energy consumption and saving precious money for other expenses.

Attic Radiant Barriers comprise of materials such as foil that greatly reflect the radiant heat. They prevent the sun rays from seeping in through the roof to the attic area, thus preventing it from heating. The radiant barriers also help the attic floor and the cooling ducts to reduce the heat gain by reflecting it back.

Installation tips for maximizing your radiant barriers effectiveness

  • It is vital to ensure that your reflective barrier has sufficient open space in front of it, so air can flow smoothly and heat can be easily reflected.
  • A radiant barrier must be designed in such a way that there is minimum dust accumulation. Reflective surfaces become less effective when dust collects on them.
  • A radiant barrier performs best when it has been placed perpendicular to the source of radiant energy or the direction from which the energy strikes the barrier.
  • Foil radiant barriers tend to accumulate dust and trap moisture between the floor and the surface. It is essential leave some space between the foil and the floor to avoid this problem.

The effectiveness of your Attic Radiant Barrier will depend on the quality of the installation. A properly installed Attic Radiant Barrier not only saves electricity, but it also keeps the building more comfortable for longer periods of time. Therefore, it is always advised to get professional help from a certified installer. At Quartz Solutions, we have a team of professionals who are ready to help. We don’t just take into account the building codes of the area, we ensure that all fire safety norms are met While it is best to install your Attic Radiant Barrier during construction, one can also get it done in a finished attic with the help of an experienced and skilled installer.

For professional Attic Radiant Barrier installation and maintenance services, call us at 201-205-2042. Our team will provide guidance, advice and a free quote.

Do You Need Air Duct Cleaning

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are responsible for the air quality and comfort of modern day living. Thanks to the series of ducts and pipes, the HVAC system helps circulate the heated or cooled air throughout the house. Moreover, the HVAC system will maintain the perfect temperatures inside your property.

Due to normal wear and tear the HVAC ducts begin to give way. Build-ups, rodent infestation and corrosion not only erode the efficiency of the system, but also begin to pose a health threat for the residents. A routine cleaning of the system is therefore inevitable and becomes a priority

But how can you tell if you actually need an air duct cleaning? Here are signs you need to look for:

  • Visible growth of mold and fungi – Mold and fungi breed in damp, humid conditions. If you notice signs of mold and fungi growing in the vents and ducts, it’s time for a clean-up.
  • Rodent and insect infestation –Air vents are popular spots for rodents, insects and birds. Their presence clogs vents and spreads deadly infections through air circulation. A thorough cleaning and sanitization of the vents reduces risk manifold.
  • Corrosion, cobwebs and debris –Over time, the vents and ducts corrode and wear and tear due to normal usage. The cobwebs and debris starts to accumulate within these vents. A professional cleaning helps clear off the damage and increases the efficiency of the system.
  • Rising CarbonMonoxide levels –Burning fuel stove, furnace or fireplace can lead to increase in levels of Carbon Monoxide, a poisonous gas. Getting the ductware cleaned and cleansed prior to each heating season is thus crucial.

Although it is important to recognize the signs of potential threats, a preventive check-up and maintenance program also goes a long way in upgrading the efficiency and effectiveness of the HVAC system. While hand-held vacuuming, mechanical brushing or air sweeping can make it a DIY task, seeking professional advice is highly recommended.

Hiring certified duct cleaners who follow the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards, improves the final outcome. The HVAC maintenance serviceproviders don’t just clean but also check the plenum, evaporator coil, and heat exchanger- all are vital elements in HVAC maintenance service

At Quartz Solutions we are ready to tackle any type of task. Our certified inspection and maintenance team is equipped to clean, repair, renovate and replace your HVAC system. Call us at 201-205-2042 for professional advice and a complimentary inspection.

Another Way to Increase your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Properties located in extreme weather conditions are invariably dependent on artificial heating and cooling systems to maintain an ideal temperature inside the house.

A network of ducts in the walls and in the ceiling ensures that you can enjoy comfortable living space regardless of the outside weather conditions. A properly installed and maintained air duct system also prevents microbes from growing and keeps utility bills under control.

You should ask yourself how often do you get the air ducts professionally cleaned? While many people believe that cleaning ducts is a DIY job, a professional touch goes a long way. Poorly maintained air ducts can cause a range of troubles:

  • With time, accumulating damages can result in holes and cracks in the air ducts, which leads to loss of conditioned air.
  • Besides normal wear and tear, issues like dust accumulation, rust, moisture, animal intrusion, etc., may pose serious concerns.
  • Worn out ducts are at high risk of creating a short circuit and even fire.
  • Continuous loss of conditioned air makes the air conditioning work on overtime, resulting in inflated utility bills.
  • Animal intrusion results in growth of microbes and infections that can cause serious health problems.

Periodical evaluation and maintenance of the air ducting system is therefore extremely important. At Quartz Solutions, we offer solutions that work. Our priority is that you’ll enjoy a safe and comfortable living. Call us at 201-205-2042.

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