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Do You Need Air Duct Cleaning

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are responsible for the air quality and comfort of modern day living. Thanks to the series of ducts and pipes, the HVAC system helps circulate the heated or cooled air throughout the house. Moreover, the HVAC system will maintain the perfect temperatures inside your property.

Due to normal wear and tear the HVAC ducts begin to give way. Build-ups, rodent infestation and corrosion not only erode the efficiency of the system, but also begin to pose a health threat for the residents. A routine cleaning of the system is therefore inevitable and becomes a priority

But how can you tell if you actually need an air duct cleaning? Here are signs you need to look for:

  • Visible growth of mold and fungi – Mold and fungi breed in damp, humid conditions. If you notice signs of mold and fungi growing in the vents and ducts, it’s time for a clean-up.
  • Rodent and insect infestation –Air vents are popular spots for rodents, insects and birds. Their presence clogs vents and spreads deadly infections through air circulation. A thorough cleaning and sanitization of the vents reduces risk manifold.
  • Corrosion, cobwebs and debris –Over time, the vents and ducts corrode and wear and tear due to normal usage. The cobwebs and debris starts to accumulate within these vents. A professional cleaning helps clear off the damage and increases the efficiency of the system.
  • Rising CarbonMonoxide levels –Burning fuel stove, furnace or fireplace can lead to increase in levels of Carbon Monoxide, a poisonous gas. Getting the ductware cleaned and cleansed prior to each heating season is thus crucial.

Although it is important to recognize the signs of potential threats, a preventive check-up and maintenance program also goes a long way in upgrading the efficiency and effectiveness of the HVAC system. While hand-held vacuuming, mechanical brushing or air sweeping can make it a DIY task, seeking professional advice is highly recommended.

Hiring certified duct cleaners who follow the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards, improves the final outcome. The HVAC maintenance serviceproviders don’t just clean but also check the plenum, evaporator coil, and heat exchanger- all are vital elements in HVAC maintenance service

At Quartz Solutions we are ready to tackle any type of task. Our certified inspection and maintenance team is equipped to clean, repair, renovate and replace your HVAC system. Call us at 201-205-2042 for professional advice and a complimentary inspection.

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