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Bergen County

Attic and Crawl Space Cleaning Services in Bergen County, NJ

It pays to be cautious and alert when it comes to your attic and crawl spaces. If ignored, these dark and dingy areas can become a favorable environment for unwanted visitors, critters and nasty infestations to flourish. This scenario can have a negative impact on the structural foundation of the property and on your family’s well being.

Periodic inspections, proper maintenance and regular upgrades of these confined areas are vital for homes to be hygienic, comfortable and energy efficient. Look no further? Quartz Solutions is the best in the business. Thanks to our experience, expertise and technical skills we can track any kind of attic and crawl space related issue at its source and formulate a tailor-made solution that is wallet friendly. We offer a full gamut of professional services like the removal of infestations, animal feces, tainted insulation, rodent proofing, decontaminating, sanitizing, air duct repairs and upgrades to enhance the functionality of the attic and crawl space.

A meticulous inspection to identify the existing and lurking dangers will be our first step towards correcting the problem. Once we have gauged the extent of damage, our team will remove the dust, cobwebs, debris, animal waste, carcasses, damaged insulation, broken wires with high-powered vacuums to prevent contamination hazards from entering your living space.

Next, the attic and crawl space will be fogged, disinfected, sterilized and deodorized to remove all traces of germs and the unpleasant scents.
Freshly cleaned areas will make way for improvisations and upgrades. By replacing electric wires, repairing damaged ducts and air vents, sealing pest entry points and installing new or repaired insulation, you can minimize leakages, intrusions and also lower the threat of expensive relapses in future.

Remember, attics and crawl spaces in Bergen County need to be spic and span for homes to remain in good condition for years to come. Let us provide you an energy efficient, comfortable and healthier living space with our customized solutions, commitment and high standard for excellence! Just grab the phone and call 201-205-2042 to schedule a free inspection today!

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