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Rats, Squirrels in Attic

Removing Rats, Squirrels, Raccoons and other large Animals from your Attic.

What is one of the best and most comfortable places for rodents and other animals to live in? Your attic, of course!

Once these pests make your attic their home, they enter into a host of mischievous activities:

  • They can chew off insulation around electrical wires, possibly causing short circuiting, electric shock or even a fire.
  • Their excrement can mix with insulation, creating an expensive mess that must be removed.
  • They can spread diseases, such as Salmonella and Hantavirus.
  • They can venture into other parts of your home, eat your food, make a mess and scare people.

Depending on the type of pests discovered, number of steps should be taken:

  • Use proven baits to trap and kill bats, rats and mice
  • Other large animals need to be identified and removed, according to state or local authorities’ roles.
  • Avoid physical contact with the animals as they can carry diseases like rabies
  • Check for entry points to prevent further habitation by these pests. Even the smallest holes in your roof, behind gutters’ foundation, cracks on interior and exterior walls, need to be identified and sealed.

It’s Time to do Something!

Want to hire a professional team to handle animal removal and prevention?

Quartz Solutions has extensive experience in liberating homes of pest of all kinds. We are licensed and insured. At Quartz Solutions, we are passionate about protecting and improving your attic and crawl spaces, offering quick response times and the highest quality work. Call our office today at 201-205-2042, 973-536-1013 to schedule your free inspection, and learn more.

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