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Union County

Attic and Crawl Space Cleaning Services in Union County, NJ

Neglected attics and crawl spaces can contain unpleasant surprises like damaged insulation, pipes, mold colonies, holes, cracks, moisture, and pests, which pose a serious contamination hazard and a financial risk to your home.

The dangers lurking in these confined areas need to be identified and eliminated before the damage caused by them gets out of control. Regular monitoring, maintenance and enhancement of the attic and crawl spaces by professionals is vital to ensure your home is safe, energy efficient and comfortable.
Quartz Solutions is a leader in this field. Thanks to our expertise, technological skills and experience,we will find the best, cost effective, tailor-made solution to tackle all your attic and crawl space issues effectively. We offer a full range of services including rodent proofing, ventilation, decontamination, upgrades and more to create a clean environment that can be accessed with confidence.

A visual inspection of the attic or crawlspace is the first step to evaluate the extent of damage and determine the best solution to eradicate it. Step two entails a thorough clean-up of the accumulated clutter using trash bags or a high-powered vacuum. At Quartz Solutions we ensure a safe disposal of all the waste we remove during the project.

In the next step,our technicians will fog, sanitize, decontaminate and deodorize your attic and crawl space to get rid of faulodors, and prevent dangerous bacteria from breeding. The final action to make the attic and crawl space fully functional is the integration of upgrades such as:fixing leaks, cables, sealing pest entry points, checking ventilation, replacing air ducts and installing new or repaired insulation. This provides long-term protection against any future relapses.

Our objective at Quartz Solutions is to raise awareness about the importance of keeping the attic and crawl spaces impeccable, especially here in Union County. Our team works hard to provide customized solutions for every customer, be it commercial or residential. Take control of your functional areas now,and contact us today 973-536-1013 to schedule a free, personalized inspection and consultation!

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