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Attic Insulation, Crawl Space, Air Duct Cleaning, Scotch Plains, NJ

Attic Insulation, Crawl Space, Air Duct Cleaning, Scotch Plains, NJ

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Can your attic and crawl space pose a threat to your home and loved ones? It sure can! Turns out what goes in these functional areas can have a serious impact on the living space and the health of people who dwell there.

Quartz Solutions services include Attic cleaning, attic insulation (Repair and Replacement), attic decontamination, radiant barrier, air duct repair, replacement and cleaning, crawl space cleaning, crawl space vapor barrier, crawl space floor insulation, crawl space insulation, rodent proofing & rodent control and more.

Un-monitored attics and crawl spaces contain unpleasant surprises like efficient insulation, filth, debris, mold, chewed electrical wires, pests, droppings and so much more. All these are potentially dangerous conditions that can wreck havoc with your home, family and wallet.
To create a healthy living environment, it is imperative that the attic and crawl spaces are regularly inspected by skilled professionals. Look no further than Quartz Solutions! We are a team of highly dedicated technicians with the expertise to transform your attic and crawl space from a dark grimy abyss into a region that is clean, safe and comfortable.

Potential Threats

Frequently forgotten attic and crawl spaces provide a welcome retreat for a range of mind boggling threats to take shape. Here is a handful.

  • High levels of humidity and moisture can breed mold, mildew, fungus, and other germs that negatively affect the air quality and health of the home. Dampness also triggers wood rot and condensation that causes structural disintegration.
  • Inmates of the house may be exposed to hazardous levels of the cancer-causing radon gas accumulating in the crawl space.
  • Spiders, wasps, yellow jackets, termites and other four-legged pests that love dark interiors are notorious for spreading dangerous infections.
  • Animals like squirrels, raccoons, house mice, floor rats, rodents and bats scamper around nibbling at ducts, tearing insulation and cables. In short, they cause massive destruction to important systems of the building.
  • Leaky duct work and redundant insulation can burden homeowners with high energy expenses.

Attic & Crawl Space Inspection

A thorough appraisal of the attic and crawl space is the first stride towards a clean, healthy and energy efficient living environment. Quartz Solutions is undeniably the best in detecting and eradicating attic and crawl space problems. Our crew will visit your premises to conduct an in-depth analysis of the property. They will test the area for toxic gases, jot down the existing issues, evaluate the extent of damage incurred and then lay forth a tailor made cleaning plan that will answer your needs.

Attic and Crawl Space Cleaning

If cleaning is required, our diligent staff will start a systematic process to cover every inch of the space. They will carefully collect the tainted mess, debris, animal carcasses, their droppings, shredded insulation, worn out ducts, useless wires etc. bag it and then discard it. Next, the attic and crawl space will be vacuumed to remove the years of accumulated dust and pollution. Surfaces will be sterilized with non-toxic cleaner to remove residual dust and sanitize the area. Our cleaning services include:

  • Attic insulation removal: Just like the insulation installed in the walls and floor of your home or building, attic insulation can keep you warm in the winter, cool in summer, and save you money all year round. We’ll remove the contaminated or old insulation, clean the space and replace it with new.
  • Crawl space cleaning: A clean crawl space means a healthy living space. Dust, mold and mildew can grow where moisture resides, and if you don’t regularly clean your crawl space, your family members might be breathing tainted air, as most of the air flowing to the first and second floors of your home comes from the crawl space.
  • Rodent proofing and control: Everyone knows the dangers posed by rodents and other animals that want to make your home theirs. Regular maintenance and active prevention is the key to keeping these pests out of your property.
  • Air duct cleaning: HVAC ducts accumulate contaminants. If not cleaned regularly, that buildup can cause countless problems. Dust, mold, bacteria and fungi can affect the quality of indoor air, and may pose a health hazard such as allergies, diseases, etc.
  • Attic decontamination:Animals leave a host of microbe-rich material that can cause disease and physical damage. Attic decontamination and pest proofing is a wise investment for any homeowner.
  • Removal of dead animals:Removal of animal remains is crucial as the carcasses themselves produce foul odors; contaminate the space and especially the insulation material. They should be removed ASAP in order to prevent further damage that can be very costly.

Attic and Crawl Space Improvements

A pristinely clean attic and crawl space pave the way for improvements and further upgrades. Repairs of electrical, plumbing or ducting aberrations, revamping of insulation, tightly sealing of cracks, holes and openings to prevent entry of water, dust, and pests will be initiated. These simple procedures play a big role in reducing the risk of relapses and making the home more comfortable and energy efficient.

  • Air Duct Repair and Replacement: Air duct systems draw stale air out, and push temperature-controlled, filtered air in. New or old, well-maintained air ducts filter and funnel large quantities of dust. Keeping systems free from extensive dust buildup.
  • Crawl Space Vapor Barrier:Excessive moisture is a primary cause for crawl space problems. Potential damage can be prevented by following 4 steps: Installing a vapor barrier, removing existing rot, keeping the space dry and implementing preservation methods.
  • Crawl Space Floor Insulation:The crawl space can have a great impact on your home’s energy efficiency. insulating the ceiling of a ventilated crawl space, or other area exposed to the outside, can go a long way toward keeping inhabitants more comfortable, and saving on heating bills.
  • Crawl Space Insulation: Many homes and buildings were constructed without crawl space insulation, especially before 1990. By properly sealing this hidden, often forgotten area of your home, you can help the environment, be more comfortable, and save hundreds of dollars on energy costs.
  • Attic Radiant Barrier Installation:Radiant barriers minimize heat transfer, they also prevent dust accumulation on reflective surfaces, which reduces the buildup of harmful microbes and preserves energy.


Quartz Solutions believes in delivering high-quality service at a competitive price! We endeavor to make every effort to work within the client’s budget.

Quartz Solutions for Attic and Crawl Space Services in Scotch Plains, Union County, NJ. ZIP : 07076

Scotch Plains is a small town full of energy in Union County. With a population of around 23,000, this family-oriented community is extremely happening. There are many year-round activities, restaurants that serve great food, an abundance of playgrounds, pubs, lovely houses and even an amusement park.
Let us add to the neighborhood pride by keeping the attics and crawl spaces of Scotch Plains spotless and sanitized. We are just a call away! Call today at 973-536-1013 to book a complimentary inspection!

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