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Benefits of Air-Duct Cleaning

HVAC systems are no longer considered to be luxury, but a must-have device in every home. Due to HVAC systems’ popularity and diminishing cost, we can find them in almost every home in America today. Also, in order to keep comfortable and proficient living/work environment, installation of the system has become a necessity for every home and office space. The systems’ heating and cooling units help condition the air making the interiors comfortable.Alongside the main equipment come the numerous vents and ducts that pass through the entire unit, enabling a constant and undisrupted flow of conditioned air throughout the premises.

And like every other aspect in the house, these ducts and vents also attract dust and dirt. With air passing through these ducts 24/7, imagine the quality of air you would be inhaling if you’ve been postponing the cleaning task.

Here are few explicit benefits you’ll derive from regular air duct cleaning:

  • Improved Air Quality: Your HVAC system takes in and throws out the same air. No exchange of air takes place with the fresh atmospheric air. A regular cleaning of the air ducts and vents thus help clear any contaminants and infections from the air, improving its quality.
  • Improved Air Flow :Regular cleaning removes the accumulation of debris in the ducts. With fewer obstructions in line, the amount of air flow is bound to increase.
  • Energy and Cost Savings :Dust, dirt and contaminants in the ducts and vents cause the heating and cooling system to work harder to attain and maintain stable and comfortable temperatures. Regular cleaning removes obstructions; improving workflow and help you save energy and utility costs.
  • Enhanced Lifespan of HVAC System: 90% of the system failures are caused due to accumulation of dust and debris in the air ducts. Regular cleaning of the ducts will cut down on intensive working of the machinery, enhancing its lifespan by years at stretch.
  • Health Benefits: Regular and comprehensive air duct cleaning will remove impurities such as bacteria, fungus, mold spores, pet dander and pollen from the air. Cutting down on these contaminants can help alleviate respiratory ailments and allergies.

If you too are looking for help and assistance to clear off your air ducts and vents, give us a call at 201-205-2042, 973-536-1013. We, at Quartz Solutions, possess the latest air duct cleaning equipment that will help you enjoy comfortable, more efficient interiors.

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