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How Can I Tell if My Attic is Infested?

Attics and crawl spaces are the seldom visited parts of the property. This makes them most vulnerable to rodent attack and infestations. It is humble to believe that these innocuous looking creatures just reside in the dark and dreary areas and spell no danger and threat to the living spaces and the dwellers. Ironically, their feces, hair and germs spread through the ventilation systems, which can lead to diseases. Also, they slowly but surely find their way into the living spaces, damaging stuff and contaminating food. Thus, it is important to spot the problem early and take steps to clear the property.

Here are simple ways to learn if you have rodents residing in your property:

  • Noise: Rodents squeak and let out a lot of noise and sounds. They also create sounds when they nibble upon things. Pay close attention to noises that you might hear coming from your attic and crawlspace. The sounds are most prominent at night because that’s when they are running around looking for food.
  • Droppings: Rodent dropping and smell of urine are the obvious giveaway signs. In-fact, an in-depth analysis of the size and shape of the droppings can provide important clues about the type of infestation.
  • Gnaw marks: In search of food and shelter rodents try to cut into everything that comes along. Floors, ceilings rafters, electrical wires, ventilation ducts; everything stored or placed in the attic will have gnawing marks. These are important tell-a-tale signs of rodent infestation.
  • Entry points: Look around your house and attic for possible entry points. Small holes, damaged sidewalls, tampered roofs; any opening bigger than the size of a coin signals towards a rodent attack. Thus, sealing off every point is the best way to get rid of the problem.

A regular and periodic inspection of the attic and crawl space will unveil the presence of unwanted guests. At Quartz Solutions, we extend support not just to inspect, but eradicate and prevent the menace altogether. Get in touch with us at 201-205-2042, 973-536-1013. Our skillful professionals will help you tackle the trouble in the most professional way.

How to Get Rid of Pests?

More often than not, getting pests out of your attic and home appears to be a never-ending battle. Although you can to get rid of the infestation, often time’s pests find their way back to the attic, which they made their cozy home.

Fortunately, attic pest removal does not always have to be an ongoing episode. Understanding the type of rodent and its entry points is all that is required to keep the nasty creatures away permanently.

Here is a quick guide to keeping your property pest free:

  • Identify the Pest: Mice, rats, raccoons, chipmunks, squirrels, bats; the list of pests that may silently invade your property may be endless! The easiest and the foolproof method to keep your property clear of pests is to identify the type of invader. Differentiating the culprit from the crowd can be done through visible signs of habitation, sounds and the size and sight of droppings.
  • Pest Removal: Once the type of pest is known, the most appropriate methods to eradicate their presence can be adopted. Using baits, deterrent sprays,and organic pest control methods or laying out traps; the best method as per need and budget can be picked after a comprehensive assessment.
  • Seal Entry Points: After all the hard work, you’ll obviously won’t want the pests to revisit. It is thus important to seal off all the entry points. Any, cracks should be closed and sealed.

At Quartz Solutions, we are the best in the region to take up the job. Armed with the right equipment, staffed with certified professionals and hands-on knowledge to tackle the trouble; we eradicate the menace completely. Call us at 201-205-2042, 973-536-1013 to learn more about our pest control methods and the ways in which we can help you.

Is Your Home Winter Ready?

Winter is here, which means that rain snow and cold weather will be part of our daily routine for the next couple of months. This is the time to closely monitor, overhaul and upgrade your facilities to ensure that your home is protected and ready for winter conditions.

Here are simple steps that will help keep your family and property protected. Based on the famous quote ‘a stitch in time saves nine,’ following these steps in a timely manner can help cut down costs and ensure your peace of mind.

  • Insulate your Attic: Ensure that your attic is effectively insulated. Poor insulation will not only allow cold air to set into your living spaces, but also make your HVAC system work overtime, which will increase your utility bills.
  • Seal Cracks and: As the temperatures take a dip plunge, any cracks or openings in the roof or ceiling will act as entry points for rats and squirrels. These rodents damage wires and ducts and can cause serious damage. They contaminate the area and spread serious infections. Sealing the cracks will help keep them away.
  • Seal Doors and Windows: Caulking and weather-stripping doors and windows will help keep cold air out, bestowing comfortable temperatures inside.
  • Repair Roof Leaks: Take a closer look at the condition of your roof. Undertake the required repairs and ensure that it doesn’t give way to strong and heavy snow storms. Consider installing a water-repellent sheet under your roof to keep the moisture out.
  • Trim Trees: Cut and trim the trees to get them below roof height. This will ensure that they do not weigh down with ice or snow and fall on your roof, which can cause damage.
  • Wrap the Pipes. It is important to wrap and cover ducts and vents with appropriate insulation cover. This will ensure that they do not loose heat and remain effective for a long time.
  • Inspect your HVAC System: The Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) mechanism of your house will surely be your life-line during the winter. The system will condition the indoor air to make it warm and comfortable. But you’ll obviously not want to shell out bundles in form of utility bills… Therefore, inspect your HVAC System beforehand to ensure that it performs to its optimal level.

At Quartz Solutions, we are the known and trusted experts to offer comprehensive advice and support to winterise your home and property. Call us at 201-205-2042, to find out more about our services to get you winter ready!.

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