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Fixing Air Leaks before Insulating the Attic

The secret to a comfortable, energy efficient home starts in your attic.

In the attic you can find the HVAC system, as well as electrical wiring, cam lights, pipes and more. If not properly sealed, air can leak from the living space through the cracks, which will lead to inefficient use of energy, and result in uncomfortable temperatures throughout your home.

In order to prevent such a scenario, it’s important to consult with a professional contractor, to better understand if there are any air leaks prior to even beginning work on replacing or upgrading the insulation.

After all, if more insulation is placed on top of the old insulation, and air leaks haven’t been sealed properly, the new insulation won’t be effective and your money will go down the drain.

At Quartz Solutions, we check your house for air leaks as part of our free inspection. We must insure our mutual goal of keeping your family happy is met! Only then, we make our recommendations for the necessary steps to sort out existing problems quickly and efficiently.

Call us today to schedule your free inspection and get a comprehensive analysis of air leaks and existing insulation condition. A comfortable, energy efficient home is one phone call away 201-205-2042 OR 973-536-1013.

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