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Another Way to Increase your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Properties located in extreme weather conditions are invariably dependent on artificial heating and cooling systems to maintain an ideal temperature inside the house.

A network of ducts in the walls and in the ceiling ensures that you can enjoy comfortable living space regardless of the outside weather conditions. A properly installed and maintained air duct system also prevents microbes from growing and keeps utility bills under control.

You should ask yourself how often do you get the air ducts professionally cleaned? While many people believe that cleaning ducts is a DIY job, a professional touch goes a long way. Poorly maintained air ducts can cause a range of troubles:

  • With time, accumulating damages can result in holes and cracks in the air ducts, which leads to loss of conditioned air.
  • Besides normal wear and tear, issues like dust accumulation, rust, moisture, animal intrusion, etc., may pose serious concerns.
  • Worn out ducts are at high risk of creating a short circuit and even fire.
  • Continuous loss of conditioned air makes the air conditioning work on overtime, resulting in inflated utility bills.
  • Animal intrusion results in growth of microbes and infections that can cause serious health problems.

Periodical evaluation and maintenance of the air ducting system is therefore extremely important. At Quartz Solutions, we offer solutions that work. Our priority is that you’ll enjoy a safe and comfortable living. Call us at 201-205-2042.

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