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Attic Radiant Barrier – It’s All About the Installation

Attic Radiant Barriers are installed in buildings, primarily homes and offices, in orderto bring down the heat gain during summers. Proper radiant barrier installation is key in bringing down the overall utility costs of the building. Attic Radiant Barriers are found to be most effective in areas where temperatures tend to go to extremes. Attic Radiant Barriers help increase the effectiveness of your air conditioningunit, by bringing down energy consumption and saving precious money for other expenses.

Attic Radiant Barriers comprise of materials such as foil that greatly reflect the radiant heat. They prevent the sun rays from seeping in through the roof to the attic area, thus preventing it from heating. The radiant barriers also help the attic floor and the cooling ducts to reduce the heat gain by reflecting it back.

Installation tips for maximizing your radiant barriers effectiveness

  • It is vital to ensure that your reflective barrier has sufficient open space in front of it, so air can flow smoothly and heat can be easily reflected.
  • A radiant barrier must be designed in such a way that there is minimum dust accumulation. Reflective surfaces become less effective when dust collects on them.
  • A radiant barrier performs best when it has been placed perpendicular to the source of radiant energy or the direction from which the energy strikes the barrier.
  • Foil radiant barriers tend to accumulate dust and trap moisture between the floor and the surface. It is essential leave some space between the foil and the floor to avoid this problem.

The effectiveness of your Attic Radiant Barrier will depend on the quality of the installation. A properly installed Attic Radiant Barrier not only saves electricity, but it also keeps the building more comfortable for longer periods of time. Therefore, it is always advised to get professional help from a certified installer. At Quartz Solutions, we have a team of professionals who are ready to help. We don’t just take into account the building codes of the area, we ensure that all fire safety norms are met While it is best to install your Attic Radiant Barrier during construction, one can also get it done in a finished attic with the help of an experienced and skilled installer.

For professional Attic Radiant Barrier installation and maintenance services, call us at 201-205-2042. Our team will provide guidance, advice and a free quote.

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