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Crawl Space Vapor Barrier Guide

Crawl spaces are most vulnerable to excessive moisture. The moisture that invariably seeps in through the soil, together with condensation around pipes and ducts, spurs foul smells, expedite wood decay and it promotes buildup of mold, fungus and mildew.

To avoid unnecessary damage, it is crucial to have a preventative crawl space moisture barrier installed.

How Do Crawl Space Moisture Barriers Work?

A crawl space moisture barrier, also known as a crawl space vapor barrier, is fixed at the base of the property. It is a type of protective coat, which prevents water from moving up from the soil into the walls of the property.This barrier not only helps prevent moisture from penetrating the crawl space, but also helps in draining it back into the soil. Thus, when no water is trapped, the crawl space remains dry.

Types of Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

There are two broad types of Crawl Space Moisture Barriers available in the market – Concrete and Plastic Liners. The decision to choose from amongst the two, depends upon the location of the building and the surface of the crawl space. Undoubtedly, the right type of crawl space vapor barrier saves you time, money and helps boost the health of your family and property.

Concrete Crawl Space Vapor Barrier – Pumping concrete into a crawl space comes across as the most logical solution to keeping away moisture.Concrete not only bestows a nice finished look but also levels the crawl surface equally. This levelled ground provides convenient storage space. Although thick concrete layers are more durable, they still require constant upkeep.

Plastic Liners Crawl Space Vapor Barrier – These vapor barriers consist of a thick layer of plastic sheet (polyethylene liner or membrane). The layer is placed over the earthen soil of the crawl space.Using strong adhesive duct tape and weighted down with a line of soil, these stretched sheets are then attached to the inside edges of the foundation walls; sealing off the base of the building from moisture and water.

The proper installation of the crawl space vapor barrier will not only protect your unit from moisture and infestations, but it will also help you save money in the long run.

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