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Crawl Space Vapor Barrier – Your Family’s Health Starts with Proper Air Quality

Crawl spaces are essentially areas of restricted space under floors or roofs, where standing is difficult or impossible (due to the size of the space) that are difficult to stand in; hence the name. They are primarily meant to cater to the plumbing and wiring needs of the building. However, in several units, this area acts as a mini storage zone as well. Crawl space vapor barriers help maintain the air quality in the space, promote a healthier living area.

In most cases, crawl spaces are often left unattended. Moisture can seep into your crawl space and from there, reach your living space. If left un-managed, health hazards can arise, which can put your family in danger.

Proper installation of crawl space vapor barriers is crucial. These vapor barriers are sheets of dense material that is water resistant and therefore, keep the moisture from seeping into the crawl space. As a result the air quality of the crawl space improves and stays fresh for years to come.

Here are few of the many benefits of installing crawl space vapor barrier in your home and office

  • A vapor barrier prevents moisture build-up in the crawl space and also reduces condensation. As a result, improved air goes up into the home.
  • It prevents mold and mildew build-up, keeping the family free from allergies, respiratory ailments and disease.
  • It keeps the floor of the house from absorbing any moisture from the crawl space. As a result there is significant reduction in the chances of sub floor rotting or wood damage in the future.
  • Less moisture also keeps rodents and insects at bay. As a result the structure stays pest free.
  • A moisture-laden space also produces foul odors. With vapor barriers in place,one can ensure that there is no foul smells in the space.
  • If properly installed, the crawl space vapor barrier keeps the pipes from freezing and breaking during the winters; while allowing the air circulating in the crawl space during summers to stay cool and allergens free. Therefore, it is something that lends benefits all year round.

It is therefore very important to get the crawl space vapor barrier installed by an experienced service provider. Quartz Solutions is the undisputed leader in the field. With years of experience and hands on knowledge, our skilled technicians carry out a thorough inspection of the area before offering a cost efficient solution. Call us at 201-205-2042 to know more about the ways in which we can help you. Our inspection is free of charge.

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