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Checklist for Energy Efficient Home – Are you on track?

Your home is your castle! You spend more than half your life in your home. Therefore, it only makes sense to want to maintain and protect it from potential hazards

Clean and well-kept interiors help you achieve a comfortable home, and below are 5 important tips to help you increase your property’s energy efficiency too

  1. Proper Insulation: Checking your insulation periodically is key to energy efficient home. Selecting the right product, quantity, and the method of installing the insulation are crucial to the final efficiency levels.
  2. Seal off Windows: Properly sealing off the windows is one of the best ways to minimize air leakage. Since windows act as the major source of heat gain and heat loss in the house, revamping the window frames and putting up multiple panes with tinted glasses can help prevent leaking of conditioned air, thus, cut down on the family’s utility bills.
  3. Check Your Radiant Barrier: While attic and crawl insulation traps the conditioned air inside the dwelling unit, installing a reflective insulation, also called a radiant barrier, prevents both heat and cold conditioned air to seep through the exteriors. The radiant barrier acts as a reflector, keeping the house and living spaces comfortable while lessening dependency on the home’s HVAC System.
  4. Clean and Maintain HVAC Ducts: A well HVAC system, can provide you more than peace of mind. It can save you money by increasing your home’s energy efficiency. How? Air ducts help transfer conditioned air throughout the house, and when left unattended, damages and cracks (due to pests, clogging, etc.)can occur. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the air ducts thus ensure optimum functionality, as well as, energy efficiency.
  5. Purchase Energy Efficient Appliances and Lighting: It is highly recommended to buy appliances that rate high on the energy star rating. Though some of them might be more expensive than others, it is an investment worth making that will benefit you and your family in the future. Furthermore, using CFL, LED lights and replacing outdated appliances with energy efficient variants adds to the savings

Do you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency? Call the experts at 201-205-2042. At Quartz Solutions, we provide solutions that work!

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