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Common Attic Insulation Problems to Watch For

The attic of residential or commercial properties is an important place to consider when getting an insulation job done. It houses several important systems such as electrical, plumbing, and heating. But due to its inconvenient location, the attic space encounters several insulation problems that eventually bring down the R-Value of the property. As a result, the properties consume more energy, cause inappropriate heating, and are more prone to build-up of moisture, mildew and mold over time.

It is therefore important to understand the common attic insulation problems before opting-in for the right insulation. A thorough understanding ensures that the issues are dealt with in a strategic and systematic manner.

  • Missing insulation – It is common for inexperienced installers to miss out on insulating the entire rooms of a house during installation, simply because they presumed them to be part of the garage or a storage area. Therefore, insisting on a whole house tour before getting down to actual work is of paramount importance.
  • Knee walls – Improper or missed insulation of the knee walls (walls between the ceiling and the attic) is a common problem. As a result the insulation is not efficient, leading to improper heating. This can be countered with the use of insulation straps, foam sprays and insulation boards.
  • Misaligned fiberglass batts – In homes where there is a difference in ceiling height from one room to another or within the same room due to architecture or design, it is common to find attics with misaligned batting. They appear to be the same on top and have a large area underneath that left vacant. As a result, there is improper heating or cooling, resulting in heavy utility bills.
  • Disruptions in insulation – Often properly installed initially, the insulation tends to get disrupted when repairs and maintenance works take place in the attic. Therefore, itis important to keep an eye on such faults and take care of them before they become a problem.
  • Mold, mildew and moisture buildup – Improper installations, inadequate waterproofing, and lack of timely repairs and maintenance of the attic insulation may lead to moisture build-up, fueling mold and fungal growth.

It is therefore important that you get your attic space insulated from an experienced and highly reliable service provider . At Quartz Solutions, we are the experts in the field. Get in touch with us at 201-205-2042, 973-536-1013 for the best and fully customized attic insulation solutions.

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